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Reggae Information
Reggae Life The most comprehensive guide to the Japanese Reggae Scene on the web. Produced by Jah Itagaki in Sapporo. In English and Japanese, and available on i-mode, J-Sky and WAP as well! Fantastic work from Jah Itagaki!
Bands / Artists
Ailie I Continually's front man - Ailie - his solo site..
AMI I Continually's very own Idol! .... regular guest singer Ami.
Dub Sensemania Dub from deeeeeep in the mystical vibration! Dub Sensemania are a major force in Japan's dub scene ..... and share our keyboardist Ken.
Homegrown Japan's Number 1 Reggae Backing Band.
Zion High Japanese Roots Band ... Family of I Con guest guitarist, Yota.
Tuff Session Sweet reggae tunes in original style with lead violin.
Tombi Hayama-based Reggae band playing Roots Rock with a healthy dose of Folk in the mix.
Tex & the Sun Flower Seed J-Roots-Rock-Pop-Reggae Band!
Jamaica 1-Chome Band Japanese Lovers' Reggae Big Band!
Earthlings Love, Peace, Courage and Hope themed Soul Reggae Band!
Hideaki Konno Roots and Lovers Reggae Ukelele Maestro!
Natural Vintage Sound BenZaiTen and his concious youth crew!! Singers and DJs, Irie event organiser!
Morrigans Pub in Harajuku offering free live music every night. Just a few metres the Shibuya side of the Omotesando Meiji Dori intersection.
Oasis The Ultimate Reggae Environment! Summer only reggae bar on Morito beach, Hayama, Kanagawa.
Thumbs Up Live music restaurant and bar in Yokohama
Club Asia Multi-zone party venue in Shibuya.
Sound Systems
Homerun Sound Yokohama-based system bringing warm vibes with classic Reggae and Rocksteady sounds!!
Sound Holic Promoter of HOT events in Shizuoka.... Big Ups to Sakai-san and the Sound Holic Crew!!
Tokyo Craft Market Joint Online shop and design service with Reggae Vibes.
..... by I Continually Sounds   
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