The I Continually Story

Rooted in Reggae, but transcending Reggae .... I Continually blending Roots, Dancehall and R&B into an original style, the band is writing new songs and playing regularly at clubs in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

2000.07 Rasta friends for 10 years, Shinocha (Drums & Vocal) and Hide (Bass) form a Bass and Drum backbone for a reggae band.
2000.10 Ken, who now also plays for DubSensemania, joins on Keyboards.
2001.02 Guitarist Rob floats in from the South Pacific.
2001.07 Debut live performance at Hamakita Forest Park Reggae Festival
2001.09 Meet up with vocalist Ailie at PJ and One Love Crew's Reggae Camp at Kosugemura in Yamanashi Prefecture.
2002.02 DJ Shin joins as specialist selector.
2002.08 Ailie Wins Bob Marley Songs Day at Oasis, and heads to Jamaica for 3 months!
2002.10 Ailie opens Soul Rebel at Hibiya Outdoor Area
2002.10 Ramja joins a regular guest Female singer
2002.11 Band releases 3 track demo CD - "First Time"
2003.03 Release "Diving" with Hush and Ramja on Vocals. Released on "One Family" compilation through Sister Kaya's "Sistren" label.
2003.03 Ailie returns from Jamaica
2003.06 Super Sax-man Naomi Shibai joins as a regular guest.
2003.07 Ailie features on title track to Home Grown's Album "Grow Up" with Papa U-Gee
2003.08 I Con Dancehall Show at Gabi Gabi in Harajuku featuring Papa U-Gee
2003.08 Ailie performs with Papa U-Gee at Yokohama Reggae Festival
2003.08 I Continually extend their reach to the far north .... playing live in Akita. Featuring new starlet "Ami"
2003.10 I Continually celebrate their 50th gig .... a wild night at Gabi Gabi in Harajuku
2003.11 I Continually mash up down Tokai on a three night tour of Fuji, Yaizu and Shizuoka
2004.04 Begin production of a mini-album with Ailie, and a single with Ami
2004.07 Release "Feel The Vibes" feat. Ailie and "Happiness" feat. Ami
2004.09 Ricky G joins as regular featured singer.
2004.12 Release "Need Love Song" feat. Ailie, Ami and Ricky-G.
2005.11 Band breaks up. Members move on to other musical endeavours.
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